Social and eco commitment

Our Commitment to Conservation, Eco Tourism and Job Creation

Free from tropical diseases like malaria, Southern Namibia is one of Africa’s favorite eco-tourism destinations. The Aussenkehr Nature Park is dedicated to preserve and conserve the delicate ecological balance of this fragile desert landscape.

Norotshama has adopted green practices putting us on track to global ecological compliance.
Our green initiatives involve:

Grow and harvest our own organic vegetables and herbs which cuts down on costs and transport pollution (carbon emissions)
A zero tolerance to food waste. Restaurant leftovers or food reaching sell by dates is donated to the rural community. (Rotting food produces methane, a greenhouse gas 22 times more potent than carbon dioxide)
Applying “green-wash” principles where guests are given the option to reuse towels. It is of course our quest’s right to clean towels so it is however completely up to them.
Laundry is done at cool water temperatures and no tumble driers are used, thus reducing electricity usage.
Bio-degradable detergents are used for housekeeping purposes.
Building a culture of recycling – this being the last link in the chain, we apply the principles of reduce, reuse then recycle.
All year round sunshine, allow us to run all geysers on a solar heating system.
Energy saving florescent lighting is used.
Only gas is used in the kitchen for the preparation of food.
All rooms are non-smoking
Only pure 100% cotton linen is used.
Almost all building materials are sourced locally and indigenous plants are used for landscaping purposes.

The nearby rural community are not only benefiting from the grape industry but also from the many jobs, at higher rate of pay, created by tourism. There are extensive training programmes which have brought new and varied skills to the rural community – and not only as chefs, guides, housekeepers and waitrons. The Nature Park also provides work for artisans such as mechanics, electricians and plumbers.